2019 Publications

Rhonda Bacher, Ph.D.

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Babette Brumback, PhD.

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  • Wijayabahu AT, Zhou Z, Cook RL, Brumback B, Ennis N, Yaghjyan L (2019). Healthy behavioral choices and cancer screening in persons living with HIV/AIDS are different by sex and years since HIV diagnosis. Cancer Causes & Control, 30(3): 281-290.

Yueh-Yun Chi, PhD.

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  • von Versen-Hoynck, F., Schaub, A. M., Chi, Y. Y., Chiu, K. H., Liu, J., Lingis, M., … & Zhang, W. (2019). Increased preeclampsia risk and reduced aortic compliance with in vitro fertilization cycles in the absence of a corpus luteum. Hypertension, 73(3), 640-649.
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Somnath Datta, PhD.

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Susmita Datta, PhD.

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Natalie Dean, PhD.

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Subharup Guha, PhD.

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Zhiguang Huo, PhD.

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John Kairalla, PhD.

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Ji-Hyun Lee, Dr PH

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Zhigang Li, PhD

  • Conditional Regression Based on a Multivariate Zero-Inflated Logistic-Normal Model for Microbiome Relative Abundance Data. Statistics in Biosciences
  • Patient-Clinician Discordance in Perceptions of Treatment Risks and Benefits in Older Patients with AML. The Oncologist
  • Prenatal arsenic exposure alters the placental expression of multiple epigenetic regulators in a sex-dependent manner.
    Environmental Research
  • Prenatal exposure to mercury in relation to infant infections and respiratory symptoms in the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study. Environmental Research
  • Sex-specific gut microbiome impacts of infant arsenic exposure in a US population. Scientific Reports

Ira Longini, PhD.

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Arlene Naranjo, PhD.

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Robert Parker, PhD.

  • Parker, R., & Rosalsky, A. (2019). Strong Laws of Large Numbers for Double Sums of Banach Space Valued Random Elements. Acta Mathematica Sinica, English Series, 35(5), 583-596.

Qinglin Pei, PhD.

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Peihua Qiu, PhD.

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Samuel Wu, PhD.

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Yang Yang, PhD.

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Yichao Yu, PhD.

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