When to Send e-Mail to the Instructor

How do I know when to e-Mail my Instructor?

Questions that pertain to you only or that are of a private nature should be e-mailed to the instructor.  Examples might include:

  • I just reviewed the syllabus and know I have a scheduling conflict with an exam later in the semester
  • I think there is an error in my grade (be sure to explain exactly why you think there is an error and provide documentation)
  • I have a family emergency and will not be able to complete my work in time for the due dates next week
  • I had a technical issue and my assignment is late
    • Late work that involves technical difficulties with e-Learning MUST be accompanied by a ticket number from the UF Computing Help Desk.
  • I am behind in the course and I would like to know how I may catch up (in such a case, your instructor may ask you to arrange a virtual meeting)

How do I e-Mail my Instructor?

To send an e-mail from the course:

  • Click on the “Inbox” tool in the top right menu in e-Learning in Canvas
  • Choose the correct course from the All Courses dropdown menu
  • The e-Mail form will open
  • In the “To” field, choose Teachers and then All Teachers
  • In the “Subject” field include a meaningful subject
  • Type your message
  • Click “Send”

In the event your instructor has other preferences for communication, follow the guidelines in your syllabus,

What Not to e-Mail the Instructor

If you have general questions about the course itself, please check the course syllabus and materials first. You should also check the Support Discussions to see if another student has asked a similar question. If the answer to your question is not there, please post the question on the Support Discussions.