When to Post to the Support Discussions

How do I know when to post my question to one of the Support Discussions?

Questions that deal with the course itself AND may affect multiple students should be submitted to the Support Discussions . These should be questions or concerns about the course or course site that other students might also be considering such as:

Report Technical Issues with Course Materials

  • A module was supposed to be released but you can’t see it
  • An assignment or exam was supposed to open, but you don’t see it
  • The link to a video or other resource is not working
  • A quiz question did not display properly

Seek Clarification on Syllabus, Curriculum, or Instruction

  • There seems to be a conflict between the syllabus and the course materials in e-Learning
  • The course content raises a question, but there isn’t a discussion that specifically covers the issue where you can post
  • You need a clarification on something in the syllabus or course content to be able to complete your coursework successfully

Build a Community of Learners

  • You would like to participate in professional social interaction that builds a sense of community in the course
  • You found scholarly materials that relate to the course content that you would like to share
  • In your “real world” experience you have experiences something that provides a concrete example that relates to the course materials.

What Not to Post in Support Discussions

Personal questions related to your assignments, your grades, or other private matters should not be posted in discussions.