How to Participate in a VoiceThread

What is VoiceThread?

In lieu of traditional, typed discussion boards, some courses use VoiceThread to promote more interactive discussions.

If you have not used the program, it is in essence a discussion board where people can submit their response by recording audio or video.  (You can type responses as well, but this is discouraged since part of what sets VoiceThread apart is the ability to move beyond text-only responses).

Typically, a document, image, question, slide, etc…(and there can be more than one) is placed in the middle of a screen, and people who are registered can come in and leave a recording of their response which will be represented by their avatar.

Steps for Making a Post

Step 1: Access VoiceThread

Step 2: Select an Avatar

  • Please select an appropriate avatar for yourself.  A recent picture of you would be best.

Step 3: View the VoiceThread Materials and Posts

  • Please review your syllabus and any rubrics provided and then listen to/watch the posts from your instructor and class members prior to making your own post.

Step 4: Make Your Post

  • Test your equipment to be sure your microphone and webcam are functioning properly in VoiceThread.
    • Remember you may need to “allow” VoiceThread to have access to your microphone and webcam by clicking a security feature dialogue box in your browser.
  • Record your response and save it.
    • Remember to state your name in every response.  This is a second way we the instructor can verify your contribution for credit.