Tips for Success in Online Courses

Taking a course online can be a lot of fun! Here are some tips that will help you get the most of this course while taking full advantage of the online format:

  • Review the course syllabus carefully and make note of important deadlines on the course schedule
    • Download or print the syllabus and keep it in a location outside of your course site(s)
    • Keep contact information available even when the course site is down
    • Check off the components of the course schedule as you complete them.
    • Make note of the “Late Policy” for your course(s).
  • Schedule “class times” for yourself.
    • Check for announcements and e-mails in your course site(s) regularly for important updates and notifications.
    • Use the Modules to help you organize the learning activities and due dates for your course(s).
    • Take full advantage of the online discussion boards. Ask for help or clarification of the material if you need it.
    • Do your work well in advance of the due dates. Sometimes things happen. If your computer goes down when you are trying to submit an assignment, you’ll need additional time to get to another machine.
    • When applicable, schedule early with ProctorU to arrange your quizzes and exams.
  • Review ALL of the materials contained on your course site(s).
    • Study all of the course materials (lectures, reading, and resources) that comprise the modules/lessons in your course.
    • Plan to complete coursework on time based on the course schedule in the syllabus.
    • Do not wait to ask questions! Waiting to ask a question might cause you to miss a due date.