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Canvas Modules

There are some general features of courses that are the same, even if the course management system makes a slight visual distinction.

  1. There is a landing page or home that functions as an information center.
  2. There are menus and tool bars that will allow you to access the course materials and activities as well as review your grades and contact instructors or seek help.
  3. The course site is an interactive layout of the syllabus. It is also the classroom and the lounge. Just as every brick-and-mortar classroom is different, each online classroom is different. Just as every brick-and-mortar classroom has some similarities, each online classroom has some similarities.

In most courses, the Modules will be where you will find your course materials.

Canvas Overview

UF Help Desk Canvas Tutorial

200 – Canvas Overview for Students from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

Edit CANVAS Profile and Notifications

Canvas Inbox Tutorial

Additional Resources

Course Navigation Videos from Canvas Video Guides