Biostatistics Consulting Lab

Our team of faculty and professional statisticians collaborated with more than 100 investigators last year within the UF community and numerous other organizations not affiliated with the University of Florida. We offer researchers statisticians who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in statistical and data-related services, including but not limited to:

  • Development of design, measurement and analysis strategies for research studies
  • Statistical analyses and interpretation of experimental results
  • Methodological and statistical review of manuscripts
  • Generation of graphics and written summaries to enhance presentation of study results
  • Database creation, management and cleaning, and manual entry of data into databases

Fee Schedule

The BCL offers all potential clients services at an hourly rate which will vary according to the type of services provided. Before a project is started, the BCL will provide an estimate of its total cost and, where applicable, verify funding with the principal investigator of the study.


Type of Service Internal (≤ 100 hours) Internal (> 100 hours) External (any number of hours)
PhD-level statistician $200/hour $180/hour $300/hour
Master’s-level statistician $125/hour $112/hour $185/hour
Program Assistant $50/hour $45/hour $75/hour
Note: All revenues generated from fees are subject to a 10% department administrative fee ––

PhD-level statistician

Provide statistical services including experimental design, selection and development of statistical methodologies appropriate for a given project, power and sample-size calculation for grant proposals, appropriate data analysis using basic or advanced statistical methodologies, interpretation of results, and preparation of the statistical parts of manuscripts.

Master’s-level statistician

Under the supervision of a faculty statistician, perform statistical analysis using SAS, R, SPSS and other program software packages, prepare tables and figures for manuscript writing.

Program Assistant

Data entry, data cleaning, organization and management, data description.

Contact Information

The BCL will personally work with you to ensure superior service that will meet all of your needs. If you have any questions, please contact Deana Nance, Assistant Director of Administrative Services, at