Dr. Wu receives first annual Mark C. K. Yang Mentor Award

samwuBiostatistics professor Dr. Samuel Wu is the first recipient of the Mark C. K. Yang Mentor Award. The award is presented to a faculty member of the Biostatistics or Statistics departments, alternating annually between these departments, in recognition of excellence as a mentor of graduate students and/or junior faculty members.

Nominated recipients were reviewed closely by the department Awards Committee and selected because they embody characteristics of Dr. Yang, such as mentorship through guidance, advice, role modeling in their technical skills and professional development.

Dr. Yang was a professor in the UF Department of Statistics. During his tenure he taught, mentored, and provided leadership to students and colleagues alike. Dr. Samuel Wu, a close friend and colleague of the late Dr. Yang, was recognized at an award ceremony held December 10 at the HPNP auditorium following several speeches and presentations by a host of colleagues, including former chairs of the department.