College of Medicine 2018 Celebration of Research Day

The celebration of research day was held on February 19, 2018 at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center. This event consisted of a Keynote speech, a special guest seminar, and a poster session which allowed student and faculty the opportunity to present their research. In total, 96 posters were presented. Of those, several Biostatistics students and faculty members participated and shared their research as part of the poster session.

  • Yichen Chen, Ph.D. Student: Adjustment of Multi-Sample U-Statistics to Right Censored Data with Confounding CovariatesYichen Reserach Day 2018
  • Tyler Grimes, Ph.D.Student: Differential Network Analysis for Based on Next Generation Sequencing DataTyler Grimes COM Research 2018
  • Zhiguang Huo, Assistant Professor: Differential Variably Methylated Regions (dVMRs) Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease: A Genome-wide DNA Methylation Study in Postmortem BrainsHuo COM research 2018
  • Yeonil Kim, Ph.D. Student: An Efficient Resampling Method for Order-Restricted Gene-Trait Association AnalysisY Kim COM research 2018