Biostatistics Career Luncheon

The Department of Biostatistics hosted a successful career luncheon on Friday, October 20, 2017 in the HPNP reception area. All of the department’s faculty, Ph.D., M.S. and MPH students were invited to participate in this event.  During the luncheon, students had the opportunity to meet with faculty members to discuss career development, job opportunities, academic topics, etc.  The smaller and casual setting of the luncheon allowed students to have personal and detailed conversations with the faculty and fellow students.

The two main objectives of the luncheon were for students to gain career and resource knowledge to better prepare for obtaining a job post-graduation and for the faculty members to gain a better understanding of the students’ professional goals.  The feedback from attendees was positive and both faculty and students felt that the luncheon was beneficial.  The department has decided that this will be an annual event held in the fall term of each year.