Jingnan Zhang, Ph.D, Named PHHP 2017 Outstanding Alumni

Jingnan Zhang, Ph.D.,  was recently named as one of the fourteen College of Public Health and Health Professions’, outstanding alumni for the year 2017.  Dr. Zhang received her doctorate in biostatistics from the department in 2016.  She is currently a biostatistician at Pfizer. She resolves statistical challenges in supporting large molecule drug development, ensuring the quality of biotechnology medicinal products, which leads to high quality medications for patients. She provides expertise on how to use statistics for a variety of activities required during biotechnology product development, such as equivalence tests for biosimilar products, stability analysis for laboratory test shelf life and critical process parameters for product development.

Dr. Zhang will be honored at a ceremony during the college’s alumni reunion at the end of September.  For more information about the 2017 outstanding Alumni, please follow this link http://phhp.ufl.edu/2017/08/31/phhp-names-2017-outstanding-alumni/