How to Attend a Live Session in Conferences in Canvas

Joining a Session in Conferences (BigBlueButton)

The live sessions in Conferences take place via BigBlueButton.  The Conferences tool is located in the user menu on the sidebar on the far left in your Canvas course.  Once in the Conferences tool, there is an option to “Join” any live session that is open to you.  Once you select “Join”, BigblueButton will launch in a new window and load the conference session.

The Canvas Student Guide has additional resources about Conferences:

Viewer Overview for Conferences (BigBlueButton):

BigBlueButton offers a video overview of conferences.

Technical Requirements

You will be required to have a head-set with earphones and microphone in order to take part in live sessions.  Using your computer’s speakers in conjunction with a microphone creates unnecessary feedback and noise in the session.

BigBlueButton “recommends users to use either FireFox or Chrome – both support web real-time communications (WebRTC) audio. BigBlueButton will use WebRTC for audio if the user is on FireFox or Chrome browser; otherwise, it will fall-back and use the Flash-based audio (which does not transmit as efficiently and may have a greater latency). ” (BigBlueButton, 2015)

Technical Help

Here are resources to help you get started in Conferences (BigBlueButton):

Setting Up Audio in BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton Tutorial Videos

Using BigBlueButton FAQ