Student Travel Awards

Student Travel Awards (Historical)

Each academic year, the department of biostatistics offers up to 4 travel awards to biostatistics students who are student presenters at a conference.  These awards are valued up to $750 and are designed to assist students with travel expenses. For students to be considered for an award, they must complete an application and include:

  • the conference they plan to attend

  • The title and abstract of their presentation

  • Whether or not their abstract has been selected for presentation

Below are the historical winners:

  • 2017:

    Tyler Grimes (CAMDA)
    Yichen Chen (JSM)

  • 2016:

    Sinjini Sikdar (ENAR)
    Suwa Xu (ENAR)
    Jing Liu (ENAR)

  • 2015:

    Xinrui Zhang (International Chinese Statistical Association)
    Ya Meng (Epidemics5)

  • 2014:

    Zhuangyu Cai (ENAR)
    Xinrui Zhang (ASA)