Computer Policy: Campus MS Program

This policy is effective for all students entering the M.S. in Biostatistics program.

1. All students must be in compliance with the University of Florida Computer Policy, effective the date of matriculation.

2. All students must have a GatorLink account

3. All students must have a laptop computer to allow them to complete all coursework and curriculum requirements within their program. Professional success in today’s environment requires high levels of computer expertise. Having a laptop computer throughout your graduate work will ensure that you develop these skills.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

All students must have a laptop computer that has the following minimum standards:

  • Please refer to the PHHP college minimum hardware policy.
  • Please budget for a wireless network card. Note: You may wish to purchase this after you have arrived in the fall, within the first week of classes. Please see the HealthNet website for further information. Setup will be coordinated through the College of Public Health and Health Professions’ Department of Information Technology. Contact them via e-mail at or by phone at (352) 273-6200.

4. All students in the MS programs must have the specific software described below. Easy exchange of information between instructors and students or among students depends on common software.

Software Requirements

  • For operating system software, Microsoft Windows XP Professional.
  • For internet browser software, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and up & Outlook Express (both can be downloaded for free from Microsoft at
  • For office suite software, Microsoft Office Professional with Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Note: The Small Business Edition is not sufficient.
  • For most biostatistics courses, students are required to have SAS 9.2 or later and may also be required to purchase programs for specific classes.

5. Students are responsible for knowing how to operate their computer and its software. There are many software guides available to help students become more proficient with their software. The University of Florida Information Technology Department offers several training courses at

6. Students must have access to e-mail and a reliable internet connection with the ability to send and receive attachments such as electronic document or spreadsheet files.

7. Individual courses may require additional specialized software. In such a case, the faculty member is responsible for ensuring that the software requirements are clearly delineated on the course syllabus. Students are then responsible for acquiring access to the specialized software necessary to complete specific course requirements.

8. Students are responsible for providing faculty with appropriate hard copies of computer-generated materials if required as part of the course assignment. Students are responsible for the cost of printing these materials.

9. Students are responsible for any repair necessary to their laptop computers and are expected to complete assignments in a timely manner regardless of the state of repair of their individual laptop computers.

10. It is likely that over the course of a student’s program, computer upgrades will be necessary. Students are responsible for upgrades required for curriculum completion.

11. As is the case for non-computer-based assignments, all work completed on the computer must be the student’s original work. Students may not receive assistance in completing computer-based assignments unless specifically allowed as part of that assignment. Copying material from others, such as scanning in others’ work, copying others’ files or disks, and /or downloading materials from other sources, and claiming it as the student’s own work is strictly prohibited.